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Teen Glee Costumes

Glee Costumes are perfect for fans of the musical mega-series. Set at McKinley High School, Glee tells the story of the ragtag show choir and their dealings within the fierce high school hierarchy. The group's nemesis is cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester, who attempts to use her influence over the Cheerios squad to infiltrate the Glee group. Now, you can get some school spirit and dress up as the recognizable characters from hugely popular series.

Fans of the Cheerios team can try out the Teen Glee Cheerios Costume. This Glee cheerleading costume looks just like the one worn on the show, complete with the William McKinley High School letters across the chest. Or, for fans of other Cheerios, rock this look with brunette hair to get the sassy look of Santana Lopez or with blonde hair to represent either dumb-bunny Brittany Pierce or cheerleading captain Quinn Fabray. For a wackier take on the cheerleader costume, wear this with the included inflatable belly. You'll look just like Quinn Fabray when she was pregnant during the show's first season! No matter how you choose to wear this cheerleading costume, you'll look like you just walked out of practice with coach Sue Sylvester.

And for would-be Sues, the Teen Sue Sylvester Costume is the perfect Halloween costume! The pants and jacket of this Sue Sylvester tracksuit look just like the red jumpsuit worn on Glee. The costume also comes with a Sue Sylvester wig based on the hairstyle of Jane Lynch, who portrays Sylvester on the show.

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