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Group Costumes

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Our Group Halloween Costumes are the perfect way for you and your friends to bring the party to the party! Turn dressing up into a Halloween event to be remembered. Group costume ideas bring cooperative fun and style to your social network, family, or group of friends. When you dress up with your friends in Peanuts Costumes, you'll have something big in common: a love for the comic strip that became a global favorite. It's so easy to create a meaningful bond with friends and loved ones with a group Halloween costume. Kids and adults will love transforming individual costumes into a group costume display that will get lots of attention. Here at, we have the best group costumes out there, so start browsing now!

Halloween costumes are fun for one person, but multiply the fun by expanding your creativity. A great example is our selection of Crayola Costumes, designed to put some extra color in your life. Especially popular are the crayon costumes, which are popular for all members of the family. Another group costume idea that has gained a lot of popularity recently is to dress as the sweetest part of Halloween: candy. Check our our sugary assortment of Candy Costumes, including M&M's costumes, snickers costumes, and much more. To put it simply, nobody will be able to resist you and your friends!

Then again, most people use group costumes as an opportunity to recreate their favorite TV show or famous cast of characters. A good example is the Teletubbies Costume phenomenon, which took off several years after the series debuted. Choose among our Teletubbies Costumes if you want to inhabit the whacky, whimsical land of your favorite children's puppets. Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa, Po -- the gang's all there! You will also have fun dressing in our Flintstones Costumes, which add a little bit of prehistoric humor to any situation. Flintstones group costumes are especially perfect in a mixed group of adults and kids, since the little ones can dress in a Bam Bam costume or Pebbles costume while the adults get comfy dressing as Fred, Wilma, Betty, and Barney. Other than cartoon costumes, we have a huge variety of group Halloween costumes that let you enter your favorite modern TV shows. To jump into the 70's, suit up in our groovy Brady Bunch Costumes, which might even cause you to burst into song. Brady Bunch costumes make a great family group costume idea that includes everyone in the bunch (and that's more than just a hunch). If you'd prefer to rock it sci-fi style, wear one of our Star Trek costumes, including Spock costumes, Uhura costumes, and many more. You'll have no trouble beaming up Scotty in such futuristic gear. For those in a galaxy far, far away, Star Wars costumes are probably more up to speed. Feast your eyes on everything from Darth Vader costumes to Princess Leia costumes. Finally, did you ever consider dressing up with your family or group of friends in superhero costumes? Divide your super powers and decide which of our Superhero Costumes suits you best. After all, in what other situation could Superman, Wonderwoman, and The Flash get together at once? Make a superiffic Halloween by dressing in a superhero costume. When you enter the scene dressed in such exciting group costumes, nobody will know who in the crew to admire most!

Another category of group costumes to keep in mind is the humorous kind. Tickle everyone's funny bone with a funny costume that is original to boot. Some favorite are the Fruit Costumes, like apple costumes, banana costumes, and grape costumes. Go out dressed as the entire fruit bowl, and get people talking about how sweet (and healthy) you are! Group costumes like this are not only great as a means of entertainment: they also teach a lesson about nutrition. The same goes for our Vegetable Costumes, like corn costumes, pea pod costume, and many more. Spunky and fresh, each vegetable costume is designed to make your friends laugh as they think about dinner. Of course, food costumes aren't the only way to make a funny statement on Halloween. Our incredible selection of Drink Costumes will really get the juices flowing. For adults only, these beer costumes and martini costumes (to name just a few) are unique costume ideas that will really get people talking and pointing in delight. Have each person pick his or her favorite beverage... then dress up as a bunch of satisfying drinks and cocktails. In one of these hilarious group costumes, you are sure to get picked up at the bar!

Each one of our group costume ideas is designed to make you feel great as an individual and as part of a group. There's no better way to include family and friends in Halloween or other occasions than with a unique group costume. Our selection of Game Costumes give you and your buddies the chance to dress like your favorite diversion. Choose a Monopoly costume, Scrabble costume, Tic Tac Toe costume... you name it. There is also a great selection of Video Game costumes, in case you want to dress like Mario and Luigi. Finally, our Sports Costumes give everyone in the 'team' a chance to express themselves as they wish.

If you are looking for the perfect Group Halloween Costume, you are definitely in the right place!

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