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The Flintstones Costumes

Wilma Flintstone Costumes
Fred Flintstone Costumes
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Our Flintstones Costumes are so attractive and affordable that you'll want to turn them into a couple's costume or group costume! A group of four can have a lovely double date as the Flintstones and the Rubbles, with or without the kids. Bring your favorite cartoon characters to life when you dress up in a Flintstones Costume this Halloween.

With all members of the family, you can create your very own version of Bedrock. Wear a Fred Flintstone Costume or Wilma Flintstone Costume, and you can part of the city's most admired caveman couple. Or, try a Barney Rubble Costume and Betty Rubble Costume. If you love the Flintstones, you can't forget about the littlest members of the crew: Pebbles and Bam Bam! In a Bam Bam Costume or adorable Pebbles Costume, you'll feel like a true part of the hit classic TV show.

Go back to simpler times in a Flintstones Costume this year! You’ll be saying yabba-dabba doo when you get your friends together for this TV show group costume. Travel back to the Stone Age and take a tour of Bedrock in our Flintstone costumes. Fred Flintstone is the hot-tempered but big-hearted main character who works as a bronto crane-operator in Bedrock. Fred loves to play pool with his best-friend and next door neighbor Barney Rubble and is always looking for ways to make his working-class cave family richer, even if he winds up in lots of trouble. Check out our Fred Flintstone costumes in adult, child, and plus sizes.

Barney Rubble is Fred’s agreeable and goofy neighbor and best friend who usually goes along with any of Fred’s schemes. Barney spends his days hanging out with Fred, going bowling, and trying to make the Flintstones’ and Rubbles’ rich! Check out our Barney Rubble costumes with so many different styles to choose from!

While Fred Flintstone may be hot tempered and impulsive, at the end of the day he loves his wife Wilma. Wilma Flintstone is the level headed and strong-willed wife to Fred Flintstone. Wilma acts as the voice of reason when Fred and Barney get up to crazy antics. She’s always there to take charge of the situation and reprimand Fred for his bad decisions! Wilma can be recognized by her cute white cave-dress and pearls. You’ll love our selection of Wilma Costumes in Adult, Plus, and Child sizes. Grab your other half and dress up as Wilma and Fred this Halloween for an adorable and funny couples costume!

While Wilma may be level headed, she also loves to go on shopping trips with her best friend Betty Rubble! Betty is Barney’s wife and the Flintstones’ neighbors. She can be recognized by her cute little blue dress and swingin’ 60’s hair-do. Take a look at our Betty Rubble Costumes in a variety of fun styles! Go as Betty and Wilma for a fun best-friend costume, or as Betty and Barney for a cute couples costume!

But the Flintstone/Rubble clan wouldn’t be complete without their kids, Pebbles and Bam-Bam! Pebbles Flintstone is Wilma and Fred’s adorable baby girl who loves to crawl and play in the Flintstones cave. Pebbles is recognized by her red hair and bone hair bow! While the Flintstones and the Rubbles are often getting into trouble and schemes, Pebbles can be seen with her best friend Bamm-Bamm Rubble, the adopted son of Barney and Betty Rubble. Bamm-Bamm was dropped on the Rubbles’ door-step one day and the Rubbles quickly discovered that baby Bamm-Bamm possessed super-strength! Like his dad Barney, Bamm-Bamm is often getting into trouble and he loves smacking things with his club. There’s no end to the antics Bamm-Bamm will get up to.

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