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Seinfeld Costumes

Soup Nazi Costume
Price: $12.95
Sale Price: $10.90
George Costanza Costume
Price: $32.95
Sale Price: $28.95
Our Seinfeld costumes are the ultimate TV group costume for Seinfeld fans! If you’ve ever wanted to live the wacky life of Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer these are the costumes for you. Although Seinfeld ended over a decade ago, it’s still a favorite TV sitcom for people of all ages. It’s the creative situational humor and hilarious characters that have kept Seinfeld reruns on air year after year! How could a show about nothing be this hysterically funny?

If you’ve mastered sliding into your friend’s apartment, have no discernable source of income, and are just a little bit hyperactive then the Kramer costume would be a great fit for you. Or maybe you went around shouting “NO SOUP FOR YOU!” for years after the Soup Nazi episode aired? Then check out our Soup Nazi costume! Die hard Seinfeld fans will recognize our Jerry Seinfeld costume from the episode where Jerry wears a puffy pirate shirt on TV. He misheard Kramer’s girlfriend—an unfortunate “low-talker” and agrees to wear the hideous shirt. If you’ve loved George and his neurotic behavior, lazy attitude, and hilarious relationship fails, then check out our George Costanza costume. ( If you’re more like Elaine, the one woman in the Seinfeld friend group, then try our Elaine costume. Elaine manages to be just as odd as any of the Seinfeld characters and it’s often her assertive personality that gets her in trouble—especially with the Soup Nazi! Our Seinfeld Halloween costumes are great on their own or team up with your friends for a hilarious group costume as the Seinfeld characters!

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