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Most superheroes come from humble human circumstances. Bruce Wayne is a human being just like you, but once he puts on the bat suit, thereís a transformation. Our Superhero Costumes give you the chance to be one step closer to fighting crime in spectacular fashion. Emulate your favorite superheroes and sidekicks on Halloween night and have the fun from being captured!

Superman is a superhero icon. He is the hero of all superheroes. Superman set the gold standard for all superheroes and his costumes comes in all shapes and sizes. You have the chance to create a super family with a Superman Costume for men, women, children, babies, and even dogs. Thatís right, your K9 can don the cape and Superman chest logo with our Superman Outfits.

Batman Costumes are perfect for those ordinary people living their lives in an extraordinary fashion. We have many versions of Batman. The Batman Costumes range from the original gray and blue suit to the Dark Knight version. Donít forget about Batmanís sidekick Robin. In a Robin Costume, youíll be willing and ready to assist Batman in any venture.

At times, itís tough choosing a superhero. All of their powers are amazing. Power, speed, and flight are all tough choices, but itís still an opportune choice. You have the end of both spectrums with a Flash Costume and a Hulk Costume. The Hulk Costumes have edge in strength. Theses costumes include a green ripped and bulky physique with an angry face that shows a vengeful disposition. Flash Costumes are sleek and simple to cater to the fastest runner in the world. Itís a choice between strong or speedy. Sounds like a win win situation.

Female superheroes are few and far between but always make their presence felt! Wonder Woman Costumes are great for women who want impose their authority on Halloween night. The Wonder Woman Costumes possess all the same empowering qualities of the sophisticated heroine. Batgirl Costumes come close to matching Batmanís ruthless brand of justice, but Catwoman Costumes will lull any onlooker into a trance with her seductive outfit that intimidates and attracts at the same time. If brand name superheroes are not your cup of tea, try the Sexy Superhero Girl Costume that combines the best qualities of each female superhero in one awesome package! Donít forget to take a look at the Adult Pink Ranger Costume that will give you a blast from your childhood past.

If you could have one super power, what would it be? Would you fly, go back in time, or read minds? Whatever your desired power is, take your imagination a step further by dressing up in a Superhero Halloween Costume. We have such a large selection of Superhero outfits that you won't know which to choose, and might have to pick more than one! First things first, check out our collection of popular superhero costumes, including Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Captain America, and Green Lantern Costumes. Each superhero outfit is designed to look just like the comic book or TV character you know and love, and some even include accessories. Feast your eyes on some of the most powerful Halloween costumes out there!

The thing is, superheroes aren't just for men anymore. Take a look at our stellar assortment of Female Superhero Costumes and you'll see what we mean. Celebrate girl power and strength with a super hero costume for women. Most people are after a Wonder Woman Costume, but you should also consider a Batgirl or Spidergirl Costume, favorites among teens.

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