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Pool Floats

Giant Jellyfish Pool Float
Price: $9.95
Sale Price: $7.95
Giant Rainbow Pool Float
Price: $11.95
Sale Price: $9.95
Smarties Noodle Pool Float
Price: $15.95
Sale Price: $12.75
Inflatable Tootsie Roll Pool Noodle
Price: $17.95
Sale Price: $12.75
Giant Pineapple Slice Pool Float
Price: $17.95
Sale Price: $9.95
Giant Avocado Pool Float
Price: $10.95
Sale Price: $8.95
Floating Drink Holders
Queen of Hearts Pool Float 60 in
Price: $29.95
Sale Price: $8.95
Now that summer's finally here, try one of our Pool Floats for some relaxation and fun! This is going to be a hot summer season, so you're going to want to spend a lot of time by the pool. Stay cool by the water and enjoy the next few months of splish splashing fun. Take a chill pill from all your hard work or sit back in the sun. Whatever you prefer, these unique pool floats are the perfect item for your summer vacation. Swim in the water and then work on your tan while floating effortlessly on the pool's surface. With these pool floats, you can lay your full body down and take in the beautiful summer weather.

Our vast selection of pool floats will fit your summer needs whether you would like to lean back and unwind or laugh and play. Our mattress floats will put you in a tranquil mood. With our double mattress float, recline with a partner and take it easy together. In addition to our lounging floats, we also offer unique options that will make you stand out such as our flower and food shaped pool floats. Our funny pool floats are also great for relaxing and for enjoyment. Take a seat inside our popular donut float. With all the pool water around you, your mouth will water by how delicious the donut looks, but just don't eat it! You can do a whole assortment of your favorite treats with Smarties, Tootsie Roll, and even Pizza! Funny and animal pool floats are perfect water toys for friends and family. Ride a duck or dolphin in your own home pool! Some of our floats can seat multiple people for fun group memories.

Take advantage of the all the time you have this summer by letting loose and taking a breather. Make the most of your summer this year and refresh yourself with our unique selection of summer pool floats!

Summer's finally here! Choose from our vast selection of Funny Pool Floats for a season of relaxation and fun! Sit back in the sun while getting a good laugh in our one of a kind pool floats. It's going to be a hot season, so you're going to want to spend some time at the pool. A great way to cool off in the summer heat and work on that tan! Why lounge on the side of the pool when you can float effortlessly on the water?

Our funny pool floats feature candy and foods. Try our long pizza float or our customer- favorite giant donut pool float which are both hilariously delicious! But make sure not to eat it, no matter how scrumptious it looks! Sit inside the donut hole and float around all day, impressing your friends with your clever 'taste.' Keep cool by eating ice cream with our ice cream float. Our collection also includes candy pool noodles such as our tootsie roll noodle for a sweet time in the pool. In addition to floats and noodles, we also offer inflatables and pool toys for the ultimate enjoyable pool experience! Perfect for pool- goers of all ages, these floats will make this summer and summers to come something to remember and look forward to!

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