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Electronic Toys

Electronic Games
Electric Football Games
Kids Laptops
Electronic Chess Game - ChessLight
Price: $68.95
Sale Price: $59.95
Electronic Chess Game - Chessman Elite
Price: $56.95
Sale Price: $48.95
Kids Computer - Power Plasma
Price: $76.95
Sale Price: $66.95
Kids MP3 Boombox
Price: $67.95
Sale Price: $58.95
Kids Portable DVD Player - Lexibook
Price: $125.95
Sale Price: $108.95
Kids PDA - 1 MB
Price: $56.95
Sale Price: $48.95
Kids PDA - 4 MB
Price: $86.95
Sale Price: $74.95
Digital Video Camera - Wifi Sport DV
Price: $195.95
Sale Price: $169.95
Digital Video Camera - Touchscreen Sport DV
Price: $111.95
Sale Price: $96.95
Arachnid Bullshooter Electronic Dart Board Game
Price: $320.95
Sale Price: $299.99
Kids Karaoke Machine - Karaoke Micro Star
Price: $99.95
Sale Price: $86.95
Get with the program! The technological age has brought forth a wave of innovation in entertainment. Downtime doesn’t have to be bogged down to dominos and gin rummy. Our Electronic Toys will tune out the awkward silence gaps of your leisure time. Give your speed demon some daylight with a Toy Race Track Set, or show off your sleight of hand with a Remote Control Toy. Electronic Football Games bring the gridiron to your home, and Electronic Handheld Games allow you to play on the go. In between the fun, children can still learn a thing or two with the Baseball Coin Banks and Kid ATM Banks. Liberate your free time with these Electronic Toys!

Teach your children the value of a quarter with a Kid ATM Bank! These Banks toys put your little one through the rigors of daily finances. Kids can get a sneak peek at the process of transferring money and improve their mathematical skills. The Baseball Coin Banks fall along the same lines. Provide your little one with a lesson in saving money, but make it interesting using the New York Yankees or the Boston Red Sox. These Educational Toys are fun and creative, but more importantly, they go a long way in the development of your child!

Simply watching sports is an immersive experience! Take that to a new level with an Electronic Football Game that puts you in the zone. Perform under the bright lights of the Rose Bowl or the NFL, and score electrifying touchdowns that will sound off realistic cheering effects. Take the hard hits without the helmet and the padding by using these awesome electronic sports games. If football is not fast enough for you, gear up for a high-speed adventure with a Toy Race Track Set! Zoom through all kinds of loops and turns with a lightning fast stock car. Toy racecars let you put the pedal to the metal as much as you want!

Complete power in the palm of your hands is an amazing feeling. Our Remote Control Toys give you that, and more! Turn your room into a war zone with the Army RC Toys that feature Humvees and helicopters, or take your act to the sky with a RC Flying Vehicle. Turn your world upside down with our Remote Controlled Flying Fish. Send a shark or clownfish swimming through your home, and pinch yourself just to make sure you’re not dreaming. While they prepare for flight, keep busy with an Electronic Handheld Game. With our collection of toys, time will be at your mercy!

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