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Shit Costumes

Adult Shit Hits The Fan Costume
Price: $39.95
Sale Price: $33.95
Inflatable Poop Costume
Price: $51.95
Sale Price: $44.95
These Adult Shit Costumes ensure a stinky evening to be had for all! Never has something so gross been so utterly appealing, as a group costume idea and as a solo outfit. Each Shit Costume is designed with your clever sense of humor in mind. If you like pun costumes (and toilet humor), you'll enjoy playing the part of a sacred shit in a Holy Shit costume, which turns you into a pleasant little turd with a halo, angel wings, and cross. Those with a love for sarcasm will prefer the No Shit Costume, consisting of a brown body suit and a big cross-out sign. For the truly smokin', the Hot Shit costume is the way to go. Seriously, what could get more hysterical and ingenious than one of these shit costumes?

For adults who are mature enough to handle these offensive costumes (or immature enough to appreciate them), each poop costume is bound to be a huge, stinkin' hit! Your friends and family might have seen pun costumes before, but have they seen poop costumes as clever as these? Now's the time to enlighten everyone you know with one of our shit costumes, each of which comes with appropriate props to complete the message. And if you forget to pick one of these Poop Costumes? Tough shit, man!

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