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Pretend Play Toy Kitchens

KidKraft Toy Kitchens
KidKraft Toy Kitchen Bright Cookware Set
Price: $25.95
Sale Price: $21.95
Our pretend play toy kitchens are great fun for kids and are a terrific way to expand their imagination! Your child certainly isn't old enough yet to cook whether you're there to watch them or not. The stove and oven are too incredibly hot. Knives are sharp and cause unintended pain. Clearly, the kitchen is a scary and dangerous place for kids. But now it doesn't have to be! Let them experience what it's like to pretend to be an adult without having to worry. Our pretend play toy kitchens provide the perfect combination of both fun and safety. It's a win-win for them and you. These family-friendly kitchen sets allow them to pretend to prepare food just like they see mommy and daddy do. They can explore the different kitchen tools that you never let them near. Finally satisfy their curiosity and feed their sense of wonder with these pretend play toy kitchens!

Our toy kitchens are guaranteed to provide hours of pretend play fun. They'll be kept perfectly entertained in a safe capacity, giving you perfect peace of mind. They can pretend they're cooking for their family and friends, allowing them to share their experience with those they care about. Now they'll gain a sense of independence, wanting to do things themselves instead of things always being done for them. Our pretend play toy kitchens are sure to spice up their play time!

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