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Funny Costumes

Why choose a Funny Halloween Costume? Here’s why! October 31st is that one special day where you can become anyone you want to – it doesn’t matter whether you’re shy or reserved every other day of the year, on Halloween you can cut loose and be the life of the party! We know it isn’t always easy to break out of one’s shell - that’s why we carry such a fantastic assortment of funny costumes – so you can pick the one that suits you best, and be totally confident on Halloween night!

Our adult funny costumes are bountiful – they come in a plethora of vibrant colors, types, and styles, all of which we’ll review and highlight here! After all, there are so many funny costume ideas out there, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the selection. Here are some funny Halloween costumes you definitely don’t want to miss:

For some, our adult clown costumes might not be funny costumes, but rather scary ones. For those who love the most polarizing of all circus performers, however, they’re perfect! We carry a wide variety of clown costumes for women and men, so you can dress up for Halloween or don the classic red nose and entertain children at a birthday party! We’ve got funny Halloween costumes, friendly-looking, and even scary clown costumes, so you can be whatever type you like. There are clown costumes for children and babies as well, so if you all want to match this Halloween, go as a clown family, or put together a circus group costume with a strongman, elephant, and ringmaster!

If clowns aren’t your thing, why not check out our awesome animal costumes? We’ve got shark costumes, rat costumes, and penguin costumes for the whole family. I think one of the funniest animal costumes is this one, modeled after Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds – the When Birds Attack costume, complete with some very aggressive crows! On the topic of birds, we’ve got great chicken costumes and parrot costumes, too!

Why don’t we take a break from classic costumes for a moment and talk about our drink costumes - they’re refreshingly different! Our adult drink costumes come in such a variety of styles, whether you’re a beer guy or love a good cosmo, you’re sure to find your ideal tipple here! There are vodka and martini costumes in several flavors, as well as liquor and beer costumes. There’s a whole line of sexy drink dresses too – with rum, vodka, and champagne options, you can pick your poison! Pair a vodka costume with a vodka dress for a great couples costume!

The biggest costuming holiday is Halloween, of course, a day synonymous with not only dressing up, but candy too! Why not combine your two October loves with our candy costumes? There are M&Ms costumes in every color, Twix costumes, Three Musketeers costumes, Skittles costumes, Sugar Babies costumes, Starburst costumes, Snickers costumes, even Smarties and Tootsie Roll buntings for the little ones. With a whole line of adult candy costumes, kids candy costumes, baby candy costumes, and candy dresses for girls and women of all ages, you can put together a couples costume, a group costume, or even a family costume of your sweet favorites – the options are endless! How sweet it is!

Before you indulge on candy, however, you should always eat a nutritious meal. Our food costumes help balance things out a bit – we’ve got costumes from just about every food group! Our funny Halloween costume food pyramid is as follows: fruit costumes and vegetable costumes go together perfectly, and help you set a good example for the candy-loving kids trick-or-treating on Halloween night. Don’t forget grains and protein – we’ve got cereal costumes, pizza costumes, hot dog costumes, and many, many more. Spice it up with our pepper costumes, make it original with our pickle costumes, and don’t forget an ice cream costume to finish the meal!

After a big meal, all you want to do is relax. Why not unwind by checking out our great game costumes? Whether you’re a fan of board games, card games, or pen and paper games like tic-tac-toe, we’ve got a great funny Halloween costume for you! Are you a Scrabble fiend? We’ve got two great Scrabble costumes – a Scrabble board costume for men, and a sexy Scrabble dress for women! Wearing them together is a great couples costume idea. Maybe you’re into real estate (or games that last forever)? Get a Monopoly costume! We carry both a men’s and women’s Monopoly costume, so you can match your significant other. Our card costumes are great as well – check out our King and Queen of Hearts costumes, as well as our ten of spades card costume. The odds are in your favor that you’ll have a winning Halloween! Like getting up close and personal with your game partners? Our Twister costumes are ideal. If you love games so much you want to play them on the go, you’ll adore our playable game costumes, in tic-tac-toe and match game styles. The pieces attach directly to the costumes but are removable, so you can challenge a friend to a match no matter where you are. Our game costumes have men’s, women’s, and kid’s versions too, so make it a family costume this year – family game night!

Speaking of fantastic family costumes, why not dress up in a classic favorite with our Crayola Crayon costumes? We’re always adding new colors and styles, so if your favorite color isn’t here now, that doesn’t mean it won’t be at some point – check back often. From primary colors like red, yellow, and blue, to more out-there shades like Tickle-Me-Pink and Wisteria, there are plenty of Crayola costumes for everyone – we’re willing to share our crayons! There are shaped crayon Halloween costumes, fitted crayon dresses, and even crayon box costumes, for all ages. Babies, toddlers, children, tweens, teens, and adults can all get their own crayon costume in their favorite color – could you think of a better Halloween costume idea? If you can, I’m sure we carry that too – read on, intrepid searcher!

Adult pun costumes ranked as a top search term last Halloween, with scores of people trying to find the most fantastic and original punny costumes to wear to their parties. At Fantasy Toyland, we’ve got such a wide selection, we’re positive you can find the wordplay costume that suits you best. Our pun costumes range from PG to R rated, from the ‘chick magnet,’ ‘boo boo,’ ‘card shark,’ and ‘pigs in a blanket’ costumes to the ‘baked’ potato, ‘morning wood,’ and ‘crotch rocket’ costumes. Whether you’re out to offend or just to have fun, we have a pun costume you’ll love. For more pun costume ideas, check out the punny costumes section.

Maybe instead of an offensive costume, you’re looking for a costume that will seduce those you meet on Halloween, as well as make you stand out from the crowd. We carry adult funny sexy costumes for just that purpose! Tired of being a sexy police officer every year? How about a little variety? Try donning the sexy robe of this sexy pimp costume for a change, or take charge as a sexy barbarian. Be the center of attention at your next Halloween party in a sexy ringmaster costume, or as a sexy construction worker. In one of our sexy prisoner costumes, you’ll look so good it’ll be criminal. If you’re ready to deviate from the norm this year, choose one of our unusual sexy costumes.

If you've got a ton of friends, even more funny Halloween costume ideas are open to you! Are you heading to a Halloween party with a whole group of people? When you and your friends are wearing a funny group costume, good times become even better - if one funny costume is great, imagine a whole ensemble of awesome costumes. Be part of something bigger than yourself this Halloween! Fantasy Toyland stocks a whole variety of matching costumes just for this purpose. We’ve already told you about our crayon costumes and game costumes, two perfect group costume ideas, but have you seen our cereal costumes? Dress up as the mascot of your favorite breakfast cereal with our Frankenberry, Count Chocula, Toucan Sam, Trix Rabbit, and Tony the Tiger costumes. You can even be on a box of Wheaties! Continue the food costume fun into lunch with our pizza costumes, donut costumes, cupcake costumes, hot dog costumes, Chinese takeout costumes, and many more! We have fruit costumes and vegetable costumes for healthy eaters, and ice cream costumes for dessert lovers. Our Civil War and colonial costumes are not only great as group costumes, but perfect for reenactments as well.

Some of the best group costumes are our funny TV costumes – when the members of your group are instantly recognizable, you’re sure to draw a crowd of costume admirers! We all grew up with Sesame Street, so why not dress up as Bert, Ernie, Elmo, Cookie Monster, or Oscar the Grouch? There are Sesame Street costumes for everyone, so pick your favorite and hit the streets for some wholesome trick-or-treating! If you wear one of the Muppets costumes or Fraggle Rock costumes, you’ll be a blast from the past. If you want to dress as a modern cartoon character, you can be Marge or Homer in one of our Simpsons costumes, or Stan, Kyle, Cartman, or Kenny in our South Park costumes.

If you’re not quite a group, but a pair of two, we’ve got the funny couples costumes for you! Ideal for pairs of friends or lovers, couples costumes show that the person by your side is a perfect match for you – just like salt and pepper, or the king and queen of hearts. Our ketchup and mustard costumes, toothbrush and toothpaste costumes, fork and spoon costumes, Adam and Eve costumes, and bacon and egg costumes are all great ideas for twosomes.

If you want to outfit a whole bunch of costume lovers on a budget, you’re in luck! Many of our best funny costumes are also inexpensive, so you can look stylish without breaking the bank. The magazine cover costumes, which feature your face on a funny costume body, are very affordable Halloween costumes, and our muscle suit and lab coat costumes are great and cheap. Check out our cheap costume section for more great ideas.

If you’re an outgoing sort of person, Halloween is your chance to go crazy! Maybe you’re the kind of guy or girl who’s always in the spotlight, and you want to keep it that way. In that case, make an even bolder statement with one of our offensive Halloween costumes. These funny costumes are not for the meek or faint of heart. We have funny doctor costumes embroidered with great off-color names, like ‘Dr. Seymour Bush’ and ‘Dr. Harry Fingerman,’ and a ton of other pun costumes, many of which are mentioned above. We’ve got anatomy costumes, like the penis costume and vagina costume (perfect for out-there couples), as well as the Shocker costume. Check out the offensive costumes section of the site to see more – we guarantee you’ll be surprised and delighted at our selection. Just please, if you’re wearing one of our offensive costumes, don’t go trick-or-treating in a residential neighborhood where there are children around. Kids are already growing up too fast these days – let them dwell in the land of superheroes and princesses, and save these dirty Halloween costumes for the frat party, or your college town bar.

Funny costumes aren’t just for adults, however – in fact they’re perfect for kids! Children have the natural advantage over adults of looking adorable in just about anything they wear, so once they’re decked out in one of our funny kids costumes, they’ll be completely irresistible! We carry hundreds of kids funny costumes, each of them guaranteed to get not only a laugh, but an ‘awww’! Never underestimate the power of cute! Our child video game costumes can turn your little one into his favorite Italian plumber, Mario, or his green-suited brother Luigi! Complete with authentic moustaches, our Mario Brothers costumes are sure to become kid favorites! These video game costumes don’t have to be restricted to Halloween – your kids can wear them and go on a real-life adventure! That’s one way to make sure they get their exercise!

If your kids are more into traditional games, we’ve got great game costumes that are both stylish and completely playable while they’re worn! There’s a tic-tac-toe costume, a checkers costume, and a match game costume perfect for the competitive kids you know. Who said great funny costumes for kids can't be functional as well?

Maybe your kids are more into the treat part of Halloween – they’ll love a great candy costume! Our kids candy costumes have all the style of our adult candy costumes, just in fun size versions perfect for little ones! Whether your child is an M&Ms fan (we have M&Ms costumes in both plain & peanut!), or loves Snickers, Twix, or Skittles, they’ll find a costume to satisfy their sweet tooth here. There’s even a Pez Dispenser costume – a classic. Our child candy costumes make up a great group costume for a bunch of kids, each of them dressed as their favorite candy. Another group costume idea is to dress up as Crayola crayons – who doesn’t love those things? Each kid can choose their favorite color of crayon costume for a rainbow of fun on Halloween night.

There are kids versions of most classic costumes, but some of the best are our food costumes – they just look so much cuter in miniature! In a child cupcake costume, banana costume, hot dog costume, or kids pizza costume, your kid will look good enough to eat! There are plenty more costumes to choose from beyond the ones we’ve highlighted, including a whoopee cushion costume, gnome costumes, pun costumes, kids muscle shirt, and money costumes. Make some special memories with your child this Halloween – when they’re wearing the perfect costume, their trick-or-treating experience will be that much better. In any of our costumes (even the scary ones), your little one will be super cute, to boot!

Speaking of cute, have you seen our funny baby costumes? Have you noticed that when a baby wears something, it becomes 100% more adorable, regardless of what it is? When you dress your baby up in one of our great funny costumes, the cute factor will be off the charts! Let everyone know how precious your little one is with the Billion Dollar Bunting baby costume, or show off your baby’s playful side with a baby jack-in-the-box costume, baby hip hopper costume, or baby barrel of monkeys costume. Whichever one of the funny baby costumes you choose, you and baby are sure to have a happy Halloween.

Our funny family costumes are proof positive that a good sense of humor is genetic (though these costumes are so cool, anyone can fake it)! Why decide to go for a family costume idea? Everyone can dress up together and go trick or treating as a family – is there a better way to make precious memories with your children? Any of our group costumes would work well as family costumes too – candy costumes, crayola crayon costumes, Star Wars Costumes, Star Trek Costumes, and even TV and movie costumes are great ideas. Make Halloween more about the family and less about the sugar rush this year.

There are so many funny Halloween costumes to choose from, it can be difficult to figure out where to start. The best advice we can give you is to just dive right in and start looking. The perfect funny costume is out there somewhere - you just have to find it! Good luck!

Funny Costumes

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