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The Wonderful World of Unique Toys

"At Fantasy Toyland, we have a wide selection of Unique Toys that are sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. Toys are a crucial part of childhood. They facilitate mental growth, maturity, and creative expression. Here are some of the best of our unique toys categorized by age to help you find something special for someone you love.

Ages 0-2 years: At this tender age, young ones need toys that are safe but still stimulating. One of our Baby Toys would be perfect for them. These age-appropriate toys will let them learn hand-eye coordination and let them engage with a colorful array of items.

Ages 3-5 years: Now that your baby is looking more like a kid, it's time for some toys that are a little more challenging (and fun)! One of our Musical Toys might be just the thing to get your little one making noise in a productive way. Your future rock star or Beethoven will love shaking a maraca along with his or her favorite tunes or jamming on a piano. If you prefer a quieter activity, try getting your child a Pretend Play Toy and watch their imagination take flight. Playing pretend is one of the best ways for a child to learn to think outside the box.

Ages 6-8 years: Gone are the days of diapers and building blocks. Your child is a big kid now. A big kid deserves a special toy, something like one of our Electronic Toys or Kid Arts and Crafts. Both of these categories have toys that combine creative expression and challenge, perfect for a kid still learning about the world.

Ages 8-12 years: Time sure does fly! Between ages 8 and 12, kids want something fun that they can do with all their friends from school. Marshmallow Shooters, anyone? With over 15 different marshmallow guns to choose from, your child can team up with buddies or family members and have a full-on fluffy marshmallow war. It doesn't get better than that.

Ages 12+ years: Toys aren't just for little kids. Everyone ages 12 and up will enjoy a Unique Game which includes some classics like the Rubik's Cube and retro board games. Classic Toys has chess sets and Monopoly games which make perfect gifts even for grown-ups.

No matter what your age, a toy is something to cherish. With one of these unique toys, you'll be making memories that will last for years to come.

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