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The night beckons! Be the masked hero of the dark that this city needs with one of our Batman Costumes. We have costumes for adults, kids, and toddlers, allowing people of all generations to step into the shoes of the worldís greatest and coolest superhero. Youíre Bruce Wayne, a billionaire whose parents died when you were young. You spend your nights awaiting that signal, that sacred bat signal, and when it shows up youíre out the door at the drop of a hat. Youíre in the Batmobile, speeding towards the scene of the crime where youíre going to serve justice with a blunt fist of might. When you put on one of our Batman costumes on Halloween, youíll feel the dawn of justice like never before. With his iconic mask, cape, and utility belt, the Dark Knight rids Gotham city of the plague of evil.

Donít feel like serving justice? Would you rather challenge Gothamís peace? Take a look at our selection of Joker Costumes. The most iconic villain of all time makes a perfect Halloween costume. Heís scary, heís sinister, and heís got a lot of personality, a perfect persona to play around in on Halloween night. With his iconic green hair and demented clown makeup, the Joker sets out to destroy the Batman and inflict terror on Gotham. He laughs maniacally, he has no mercy, and heís got a great sense of fashion. We have a range of joker costumes, some based on the costume design from the The Dark Knight, and others based on the more recent design from Suicide Squad. If you want to have more control over your Joker costume, we also carry Joker masks and wigs individually, giving you the freedom to put together your costume in whatever way you want!

For another iconic character from Batmanís world, check out our Catwoman Costumes. Partially Batmanís enemy, partially his love interest, and partially his crime fighting ally, Catwoman is one of the most interesting characters you can dress up as for Halloween. We have Catwoman costumes for adults and kids, and featuring a number of unique designs. Dress as the old style Catwoman from the original TV show, or try one of our updated costumes for something sleeker. Whether you want to be Halle Berry, Michelle Pfeiffer, or Anne Hathaway, we have a costume that will turn you into the sly, cunning and quick character of the night.

The coolest part about these Batman costumes is the group costume ideas and couples costume ideas they present! If youíre looking for something fun, sexy, and superhero-themed to do with your other half, try a Batman and Catwoman Couples Costume. If you have a group of friends that are looking for a super fun group costume, have everyone dress as a different character and recreate the DC universe! Any of these costumes also work great in groups with other justice league characters and superheroes. Whether youíre a villain, a hero, or somewhere in between, youíll find a Batman costume that gives you a killer Halloween.

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