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Fruit Costumes

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Adult Lime Costume
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Adult Avocado Costume
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Adult Peach Costume
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Adult Avocado on Toast Costume
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Avocado Couples Costume
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Adult Pineapple Costume - Funworld
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Fruit costumes are a delightfully delicious option as you peruse your food costumes options. Our inexpensive costume selections are healthier for your wallet, too! If you want to have some good, wholesome fun this Halloween, check out our selection of Banana Costumes and Apple Costumes, as just two examples of great fruit Halloween costumes. Want to "pear it up?" Fruit costumes offer a visually stunning and funny costume idea for couples costumes. Or, you can get the whole group together for a fruit ensemble that will give party-goers that full serving of fruits and veggies!

Fruit Costumes are here to silence the screams on Halloween! While you’re balancing your diet with a healthy dose of fruits, forget about a scary costume and find a colorful disguise. Fruits come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Apple Costumes, Banana Costumes, Watermelon Costumes, and more can fill out your Halloween plate or fruit bowl! Food Costumes offer a world of opportunities!

What’s not to like about Banana Costumes? They’re bright, yellow, and some are already peeled. You won’t find a funnier fruit costume. From the awkward shape to the built-in innuendos, bananas are the perfect conversation starters. Halloween costumes need to draw attention! A Grape Costume will catch anyone’s eye. Purple or green, these grapes are a handful, but may be outmatched by our Apple Costume. An apple a day will seem like one tall task in a red apple suit, but you’ll be the life of any party you attend on Halloween. The classic apple is always a safe choice, but make sure you don’t pigeonhole yourself. No one should miss out on a Pear, Peach, or Strawberry Costume. Fruit Costumes are funny, colorful, and make for great Group Halloween Costumes! And if you're going to dress your friends up in Food Costumes, you might as well make it healthy!

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