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Adult Bojack Horseman Costumes

Bojack Horseman Costume
Price: $72.95
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Step into a wacky world of anthropomorphic animals and absurd happenings with one of our Bojack Horseman Costumes. In an alternate universe, there exists a washed up sitcom actor named Bojack Horseman. While he had success in the 1990ís as a horse father to three adopted human children on the popular sitcom Horsiní Around, his career has since took a nosedive, and now he struggles to remain relevant.

Our Bojack Horseman costumes are designed to be as accurate to the characters on the show as possible. Our Bojack costume features his signature outfit, including his grey jacket, blue sweater, turquoise pants and red sneakers. This costume includes a mask with Bojackís recognizable black mane and the diamond patch of white fur on his face. When youíre wearing this costume, youíll look like a walking 3D rendering of the famous character!

Would you rather construct your own Bojack outfit? Well, check out our Bojack Horseman Mask. This way, you can have one of the most accurate Bojack masks on the market while giving yourself the freedom to customize the rest of the costume via your own volition. Just gather a blue sweater, blue pants, grey jacket and red sneakers, and youíll be in business this Halloween!

Hollywoo is a rough place, it eats up your soul, chewing you up until youíre but a shell of the bright-eyed youngster you once were. Dress up in a Bojack Horseman costume this Halloween to play the role of the most complex horse individual to hit television screens since My Little Pony. Get into the wacky world of Bojack this Halloween with Princess Carolyn, Diane Nguyen, Mr. Peanutbutter, and Todd Chavez, and do your best to stay relevant in a world devoid of authenticity!

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