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Zombie Costumes

Child Zombie Costume
Price: $51.95
Sale Price: $44.95
Adult Zombie Costumes
Spook and scare in one of these Zombie Costumes! Zombies are coming back in a big way, out of their graves and into our brains. Zombies comes in all sizes and styles. Some are slow and stumbling, easily out run (as long as you don't trip or get trapped). Some are speedy, the results of evil alien viruses or top secret government experiment. Some eat brains. Some eat everything. This Halloween, pick your zombie poison and get to shuffling after innocent victims in a cool costume. Our Adult Zombie Costumes will let you haunt the night in style. The colors perfectly complement pale green skin and bloody bruises. Your bloodshot blackened zombie eyes will be even more terrifying in just the right undead fashion. Find the right costume, fall in line, and join the ranks of the undead in a frightening zombie outfit.

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