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Unique Games

A Unique Game is the perfect way to have fun and show someone you care about that they truly are special! These cool and interesting items will make a one-of-a-kind playtime experience.

Even with all the crazy new technology and toys in the world today, kids still find some reason to take up the familiar "I'm bored" refrain. They're bored on long car trips. They're bored on the weekends. They're bored on family vacations. But how? They've got video games, hundreds of TV channels, and a whole internet to explore! What gives?

Now there's something you don't see everyday.

What Gives?

The problem is simple: novelty. Kids are always growing and changing. Their little brains and even smaller attention spans are constantly on the move. They need novelty, something new and exciting that will capture and keep their attention. There's no better way to spice up their life than with a toy that is just for them and not something you can pick up at any corner store.

At Fantasy Toyland, we have a veritable treasure trove of options. A logic-minded kid will enjoy one of our fun Games & Puzzles. These range from sleek electronic handheld devices to the classic Rubik's cube. No matter kind of mental challenge he or she seeks, there is something here that will really tease the brain.

If your child wants a little more action, try an awesome Marshmallow Shooter. These colorful toys will keep the marshmallows flying and the good times rolling. There are many different types of shooters, perfect for someone who wants to team up with friends and have a real sticky showdown!

From Funny Toys to Retro Games, these special items are a fun time guaranteed. Don't opt for common when you could score major points with a unique toy!

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