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Toddler Costumes

Toddler Costumes

The right toddler costume can put a smile on your child's face that will last for years to come. It's no secret that kids love to play dress-up. So don't wait for Halloween to pick up that playtime outfit, feed your little one's big imagination with the toddler costume of their dreams and let their creativity run wild. If you are just searching for a good Halloween costume idea, browse our toddler costume section where you'll find almost any character your tot can think of.

Think back to your childhood and remember a time when you wanted to be a pirate, a ninja, a cowboy, a superhero, or any other wild fantasy you indulged during playtime. Now it's your child's turn to dream and what better way to play pretend than by looking the part in a classic toddler costume! Have little buckaroos of your own? Your kids will love dressing up in a toddler cowboy costume, toddler cowgirl costume or toddler Indian costume. Or maybe karate is his favorite thing in the world. Imagine how happy he'll be in a toddler ninja costume. Pirates are also a huge favorite among kids. They love the swashbuckling adventures and high seas excitement that only pirates can provide. Our toddler pirate costume section has the right pirate costume for girls and boys. Watch her cast a spell in a toddler witch costume or dream of being a princess in a toddler princess costume.

Children love the zoo because they get to see and hear all their favorite animals live and up close. For tots who can't get enough of wildlife, there's a perfect toddler animal costume for every little wild thing. Some toddlers like to prowl around the house like a big jungle cat and there's a toddler lion costume that's just right for them. If you're little one loves Old McDonald's farm, they'll squeal with excitement in a toddler pig costume, or toddler cow costume. Rascally tots who live to climb and swing will definitely enjoy a toddler monkey costume. Bugs are also a kid favorite so take a look at our toddler bug costumes that's just crawling with great toddler Halloween costume ideas such as an adorable spider costume and a ladybug costume.

Disney characters have been a favorite of kids of all ages for many years so a genuine toddler Disney costume will never disappoint. If your tot is crazy about Winnie the Pooh, just imagine the thrill of wearing a toddler Winnie the Pooh costume. Don't forget about the perennial favorites like the toddler Tinkerbell costume, the toddler Cinderella costume, and the toddler Snow White costume which have been delighting little girls for generations. And as long as we're mentioning all-time classics, no Disney costume collection would be complete without a toddler Mickey Mouse and toddler Minnie Mouse costume section.

From an Elmo costume to a Yoda costume, there's a world of TV and movie characters that your kids know and love. Check out our TV & Movie toddler costumes where you'll find your child's favorite TV show character and the legendary characters that you grew up with. Our toddler Nickelodeon costume section has the Blues Clues costume, Spongebob costume, Dora the Explorer Costume or Bob the Builder Costume that your little ones have been clamoring for. Does family movie night in your home usually mean a screening of any of the Star Wars films? Our toddler Star Wars costume section has what you need to make the experience more interactive for your little ones. And if highflying action is right up your toddler's alley then we also have the perfect toddler Superman costume, toddler Batman costume, toddler Spiderman costume and a variety of other superhero costumes for tots.

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