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Superman Costumes

For kids, there is little more exciting than super-heroes and these days, every kid in America wants to be the greatest super-hero of them all with a brand new super-hero action flick - Superman! Yes that right kids the blue tights wearing "Man of Steel" is back with a new movie that kicks kryptonite and so do our authentic Superman costumes.

Even if you're as nerdy as Clark Kent in the flesh, you'll be cooler than ice as the ultimate, action-fighting, super-hero in a Superman costume - a truly classic super hero costume.

Our new Superman costumes blow away the competition. For boys, we have a few great Superman costumes: There is a traditional child Superman costume complete with blue a cotton/spandex suit, red brief, cape and boots, gold belt and the notorious S on the chest. A more elaborate kid Superman Costume is our deluxe version that is structured into a beefy, muscle chest. He'll certainly feel like a real super hero in our deluxe superman costume. In fact, he can look just like dad, who can wear his very own ripped chest and abs adult Superman costume. There is even a baby superman costume for those up and coming super heroes. Our newest costume is the Superman Returns Costume -- a blend of Clark Kent and Superman. This Clark Kent costume has the Superman logo giving away Clark Kent's real identity. We even have superman costume accessories to take this costume to the next level with a breakaway chain and a pretend steel bar that bends to show off their super human strength!

These Superman Halloween costumes will fit girls too, but for women, we have something special; her own super Supergirl costume, featuring an above the knee, red skirt instead of tights. We even have a sexy supergirl costume for those who want to save the day in a different kind of way!

So what are you waiting for? Whether it be a child superman costume, an adult superman costume, or a sexy supergirl costume, jump into your very own Superman Halloween costume today and save the day -- at least at your next Halloween party!

For double the effect and double the strength of the look, check out a great couples costume idea: Superman and Supergirl Couple Costume!

Superman Costumes

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