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Scooby Doo Costumes

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Scooby Dooby-Doo! Our selection of Scooby Doo Costumes has everything you could possibly want for a mystery-filled Halloween! The Scooby Doo characters are the ideal Halloween personas; they are constantly getting their hands dirty in the supernatural and sinister, but they never lose their upbeat demeanors and groovy personalities! Mystery Inc. is one cool crew of meddling kids, and dressing up as any one of them will guarantee a fun Halloween!

Our Scooby Costumes are available for kids and adults, meaning anyone can step into the skin of the goofiest pooch around. Everyone is familiar with Scooby’s ridiculous antics, his love for eating, his cowardly attitude, and his signature catch phrases. Anyone will have a fun time horsing around in a Scooby Doo costume, running around and dishing out famous lines like “Ruh-Roh!” But, everyone knows that Scooby can’t go out on his own! Grab a buddy and have them dress in a Shaggy Costume. Scooby’s owner and best friend, Shaggy is the beloved slacker with a mighty appetite that everyone loves. Dressed in a Shaggy costume, you’ll have full license to goof around and eat as much candy as possible on Halloween night. With his green shirt, bell-bottomed pants, shaggy hair and rough goatee, Shaggy has an iconic look that everyone at the costume party will recognize instantly!

But who could forget about the rest of the crew? Our Daphne Costumes let you slip into the sassy, colorful world of Daphne Blake. She knows several types of karate, has a fierce attitude, and has a great sense of style! You’ll look so cute dressed as Daphne on Halloween! But, you can’t dress as Daphne without having a friend dress in one of our Fred Costumes. The mastermind of the operation and the bonafide leader of the group, Fred is always keeping the mystery under control and getting to the bottom of things. He wears a tasteful white shirt and orange scarf, and has beautiful blonde hair! To complete the group, check out our Velma Costumes. The brain of the operation, Velma is a cunning and quick-witted book worm who uses her smarts to solve the crime. With her signature orange turtleneck and round glasses, Velma makes a great Halloween costume that’s stylish and fun!

All of these Scooby Doo costumes are great on their own, but they only truly live up to their full potential when they are assembled into a Scooby Doo Group Costume! This is one of the best group costume ideas for Halloween. The Mystery Incorporated team is so iconic and so well known, there won’t be a soul at the costume party that doesn’t recognize these beloved characters! Drive around in the Mystery Machine on Halloween night and serve some justice! Be the meddling kids you know so well with this amazing Scooby Doo group costume!

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