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Religious Costumes

Child Religious Costumes
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Religious Costumes

With our religious costumes, you can show your devotion to your faith on Halloween, bring to life a favorite Bible story, celebrate Purim or other religious holiday, or put on the best looking nativity play ever in a Christian Costume!

Our religious costumes are perfect for Sunday School classes; they’ll help bring the Bible to life as you reenact scenes from its pages. We have many Jesus Costumes perfect for acting out New Testament teachings. Wear one of our Biblical costumes and take your next Christmas pageant to the next level! Add a touch of authenticity to your nativity play with a Joseph Costume and accompanying a Virgin Mary Costume – we even have Wise Men Costumes to complete your ensemble! We also have Nun costumes, Pope costumes, and robes resembling those of many other church leaders. For those of the Jewish faith, we have a variety of Rabbi costumes, as well as Purim Costumes perfect for dressing up as one of the protagonists from the book of Esther in a a Mordechai Costume, King David Costume, or Riva Costume.

We have both children’s religious costumes and adult religious costumes, and there are many different styles of costume, so you can choose the one which best suits your needs and embody your Biblical figure the way you believe he or she should be portrayed. Make your next holiday or religious occasion extra special with one of our religious costumes!

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