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Prisoner Costumes

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Lock them up and throw away the key in these Prisoner Costumes! Are you bad to the bone? Do you have a dangerous streak that simply cannot be tamed? Do you just love all things criminal? If so, one of these naughty prisoner outfits would be the perfect choice for you on Halloween. We've got costumes for all ages, so no troublemaker will escape the long arm of the law. If you have a child that probably needs a night or two in solitary confinement, try a Kids Prisoner Costume. Teens who don't just borrow the car but steal other people's car would look picture perfect in a Teen Prisoner Costume. You don't have to be a hardened criminal to get a kick out of these fun costumes. Halloween is all about fantasy and expressing yourself. A prisoner Halloween costume says that you've got a wild side and a sense of humor. One of our Sexy Prisoner Costumes is perfect for any attractive lady who always seems to be in the wrong place and the wrong time. In these hot outfits, the only thing you'll be guilty of is indecent amounts of sex appeal. For a criminally funny look, get the whole family or a group of friends in prisoner costumes and form your own little chain gang. In these orange jumpsuits and striped outfits, you'll be pleading the fifth and having a totally awesome holiday. Join the chain gang in one of our Prisoner Costumes!

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