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Michael Jackson Costumes

Michael Jackson Costumes

Michael Jackson Costumes: 3 Reasons for this Legendary Look

Michael Jackson has long been the King of Pop, but now, this iconic figure is also the reigning King of Pop Culture. From Grammy winning and international advocacy to courtroom drama and untimely death, MJ has dominated entertainment headlines for four decades. Now, the roaring debate over this Pop King’s legacy continues.

Michael Jackson Halloween Costumes were the bestseller of 2009, and the Billie Jean and Thriller outfits will absolutely fly off the shelves again this year. Of course, these looks are so unmistakable, as the Halloween costume is easy to recognize with a signature style from head to toe. Perhaps that’s why you didn’t see as many Patrick Swayze or Farrah Fawcett costumes. But, is this the only reason?

Taking a closer look at Michael Jackson’s career and cultural impact, these accomplishments attest to the influence of this pop idol. When you understand the enormous appeal and overwhelming popularity of Michael Jackson, you understand more than simply how people choose what Halloween costumes to buy. You realize why, even through endless bad press, the life and legacy of MJ is a continued celebration.

1. Record Breaking. Records were made to be broken, and the surge in Michael Jackson Halloween costumes would be short-lived if not for MJ’s groundbreaking achievements. Let’s not forget the Jackson 5 – when this child superstar began winning awards and captured the heart of America. Breaking records was a regular pastime for Michael Jackson, and here’s just a partial list of his milestone marking moments:

Best Selling Album of All Time (Thriller), Most 1980’s Number One Hits, Largest Watching Audience (Super Bowl XXVII – June 1993), Gross Revenue for a Tour (Bad Tour – 1987/88), Biggest Selling Video (The Making of Thriller), Most Number One Debuts, and Most Awards Won. If that isn’t a list of credentials for world’s top megastar, I am not sure what is.

Reason #1 for the popularity of Michael Jackson outfits and costumes: Emulating a level of success and accomplishment beyond that attained by any other celebrity or star. Michael Jackson costumes celebrate these achievements, as there can only be one number one.

2. Cultural Adaptability. The King of Pop didn’t only sustain cultural trends through three decades of music, he also molded, shaped, and challenged status quo trends. Sure, this iconic figure met with his fair share of criticisms and controversy. Nevertheless, from changing looks (to put it mildly) to trademark touches, Jackson helped to define pop culture over an impressive span of time. Again, as a figure in the public eye since adolescence, the test of time proved that Michael Jackson was meant for the media whether he liked it or not. Sure, Michael took tremendous heat when the color of his skin suddenly changed. This was absolutely unheard of, and even now, I am unable to think of another public figure having undergone this particular “treatment” – at least to the extreme of black to white. The dramatic shift in Michael Jackson’s look over time exemplifies just how one-of-a-kind this superstar is. Thus, the many Michael Jackson costume ideas.

No other figure in pop culture has successfully reinvented his self-image to the extent and notoriety that Jackson did. From sporting his retro 1970s attire with full afro in the Jackson 5 to the Billie Jean and Beat It outfits – from the outstanding makeup and costumes of Thriller and Michael Jackson Moonwalk mania in the 1980s, MJ visuals were as much an art form as the music itself.

Reason #2 for the popularity of Michael Jackson attire and costumes: The Michael Jackson costumes visualize this tremendous self-image and MJ’s completely unique capacity to express himself in appearances. These costumes and outfits embody the most prominent figure to self-create and recreate over decades of pop culture achievements.

3. Shock Factor. Sure, other celebrities have remarkable accomplishments and pop culture longevity. I’m not talking about Britney Spears or Lady Ga Ga, either. So, what makes the Michael Jackson look so much more memorable than other multi-generational stars?

The trademark, signature King of Pop costume makes it easy to pull off and exaggerate the MJ brand. That’s right – brand. This brand was not just highlighted by a bunch of awards and simple fanfare. And, it’s not all about the Michael Jackson glove, either. Or the classic red Michael Jackson jacket, although it’s all part of the quintessential look.

Any celebrity or figure in the public eye can enjoy the laud and support of a global audience. Not Michael Jackson. For the sake of this article, it is not necessary to speculate about the moral intentions of MJ or his innocence or guilt in the press. The politics of his legal entanglements aside, Michael Jackson was constantly embroiled in maddening media frenzy. We’re not talking about drug problems, messy divorces, and a DUI, either.

No, to make it “Michael Jackson BIG” would mean marrying Priscilla Presley, a marriage of musical worlds that secured the pop culture throne for MJ. With an electrifying on-air kiss at the MTV awards, it really goes to show that this Hollywood figure knew how to keep the buzz alive. When the later bad press arose, Michael Jackson supporters were challenged yet many remained loyal. The extent of this case further proved that the pop singer could overcome cruel media speculation.

You wouldn’t think the best-selling costume for Halloween would be a man once charged with crimes against children. Yet, the spiked speculation and legal proceedings left Michael free to continue his career. The durability of this legend, from shocking headline to even more shocking headline, was tested and proven again and again.

So, finally, Reason #3 for the legendary look behind a Michael Jackson costume – in all its many forms – is his contribution to media culture. Positive and negative, the iconic King of Pop lived in the spotlight, and the headlines (along with his outlandish looks) created new venues for his popularity. Michael Jackson culture is more than just the outfit or even the music. The constant press and MJ’s ability to surprise and even stun audiences regularly have drastically impacted pop culture. Fittingly, Michael Jackson even died in Michael Jackson style. Could it have been any other way?

If you are thinking about Michael Jackson Thriller costumes or even a Michael Jackson costume kids appropriate - consider this legacy. Remember that culture is multi-dimensional, and even in Michael’s shadowy questionable nature, one thing remains certain. Even after the one year anniversary of his death, the globe mourns a superstar, an icon, and a legend – and his many dimensions. It would be impossible to imitate or recreate this groundbreaking Thriller artist. But, seeing as how Halloween is a very big night for this pop star, you can certainly pay homage and respects with the right costume.

Michael Jackson Halloween Costumes

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