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Funny Toys

Annoying Monsters
Talking Parrot
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Mini Jammers
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Wiper Glasses

Laughter is supposed to be the best medicine. Why not kill two birds with stone? Entertain your kids, friends, and relatives with a toy that Ďs also good for the soul. Our collection of Funny Toys might be the epicenter of comedy. Take a look and bear witness to an assortment of unique toys thatís sure to make your ribs ache. This section is highlighted by the ever-ready-to-talk Annoying Monsters, Pipsqueaks, and many more. Our cool toys dance, talk, glide, and much more!

Annoying Monsters

The Annoying Monsters are unlike any toy series youíve ever encountered! Yes, they may be cute and furry on the outside, but underneath those innocent smirks, are the most annoying set of creatures this side of the galaxy. Each character is unique from the next, with a different shade, different name, and a different personality. Their names are Igor, Percy, Boris, Ethel, and Alfred. Whenís the last time you had a talking toy named Ethel? Talk, poke, or press these unique toys, and enjoy a dialogue thatís stimulating for all the wrong reasons!


The Pipsqueaks are many things! Some might call them friends; others may label them as psychiatrists. Both are good answers, but there are two words that perfectly describe these stuffed animals: listeners and talkers. These talking toys can talk with the best of them. Speak to any of the Pipsqueaks and they will repeat what you said in a hilarious high-pitched voice. Our collection includes the Sock Monkey, Frog, and the Dog. Choose any of these kooky pals and get ready for the wildest conversation of your life!

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