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Pac Man Costumes

Pac Man Ghost Costumes

Try our Pac Man Costumes and you'll be simply a-maze-ing this Halloween. We offer classic Pacman costumes so diehard video game enthusiasts can completely transform into their favorite characters, as well as flirty dresses and screen costumes to put a new spin on traditional video game costumes.

Our collection of Pac Man ghost costumes includes all of Pac Manís brightly colored opponents: Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde. We offer both childrenís and adult versions of the costumes, which makes it so easy to try a family costume! We also have a great collection of sexy Pac Man dresses; girls can be the perfect counterpoint to Pac Man or a ghostly guy. Make a high-scoring couplesí costume!

We even feature unique Pac Man screen costumes. With these detailed bodysuits, ponchos, and dresses, your Pac Man love has no limits. No need to pick only one of your many favorite characters to dress up as when you can wear a screen on which they all appear. Youíll bring the game to the party and become the life of the party!

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