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Child Play Cottages

Child Play Cottage - Froggy Fun Roof
Price: $62.95
Sale Price: $53.95
These child play cottages make great playhouses for hours of imagination and fun! Inside the cottage, they'll come up with countless stories based upon their new surroundings. It doesn't matter where the cottage is located. Place it on the floor of the living room or the bedroom or even in the backyard during the summer. No matter what, inside the cottage they will forget where they are and what time it is in the real world. They will feel that they are somewhere entirely new! This cottage playhouse will be their own little world that they will have total control over. Their creativity will be hard at work while they play.

Why give them a toy that does all the work for them? Let them stretch their imagination with our child play cottages. And when they play in the cottage with their siblings or neighbors, they'll really have a blast sharing their world with them. Together, they can pretend to be whoever they want and create a story for their new found personas. Kids always hear parents and teachers say that you can be whatever you want to be as long as you put your mind to it. But that idea doesn't have to be limited to the far future. They can live out their dreams now by actively using their imaginations in our child play cottages! Give them the toy that they'll never get bored playing in.

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